I’ve been really lucky so far. I haven’t caught COVID, and neither has anyone directly in my family. But I fear that will be changing soon.

EDIT - 30th May 2023: I ended up with COVID 1 week after this (sadly, prophetic) blog post. It was worse than I expected.

I’ve been keeping up with much of the latest research, and lots of elements of COVID worry me:

  • The ability for it to create prion-like diseases
  • The cumulative effect of infections over time
  • The ineffectiveness of vaccines
    • The effectiveness of vaccines in training your body to treat it like an allergy, therefore allowing it to wreak havoc in the body
  • The amount of organs it affects
  • The slow removal of skilled people over time
  • The damage it’s doing to our children and their futures

The last one I think is what concerns me the most - I have a one year old, and a four year old, and they are barely starting their lives. Already, we’ve had the sickest year of our lives (just been - 8 months straight of back to back sicknesses), and this is without childcare or school. Now, our oldest is about to start kindy, so I have no doubt COVID will be brought home with this, and multiple times too.

What can I do about this? Literally nothing. Kids don’t start really paying attention to hygiene etc until they’re what, 10? And even if they did, how much of their social lives is it worth sacrificing if they’re just going to get sick another way anyway?

I feel completely defeated, and don’t know how our little family won’t be brain dead + disabled in 5 years time. What is the point?